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Sample Art from A Flock of Foes

Thanks to positive feedback regarding the illustration of Metablades, A Flock of Foes features some impressive images from promising and established fantasy artists Brad McDevitt, Melissa Cox and Sergio Villa Isaza. All three have marvelous online portfolios.

The samples below are only portions of the full illustrations.

darkrunners wander the plains and forests of infernal realms. a ghostly dragon that would not be separated from its treasure. this inhuman lich exists to spread terror and despair.
by Brad McDevitt
"Spirit of Avarice"
by Melissa Cox
"Death Jackal"
by Brad McDevitt
it has chosen undeath to provide its tribe with high-priced salvation. a cursed forest grants no respite to its inhabitants. lycanthropes come in many flavors.
"Lizard Guardian"
by Sergio Villa Isaza
"Haunted Murder"
by Melissa Cox
"Enveloping Nightmare"
by Sergio Villa Isaza
eagles of bacchus revel in the heavenly planes and wrestle with demons. this shapeshifting troll punishes its followers with unholy power. a mage-crafted guardian built in an alternate form.
"Eagle of Bacchus"
by Brad McDevitt
"Bog Fiend"
by Brad McDevitt
"Steel Smotherer"
by Sergio Villa Isaza
the eerie and dangerous skeleton of a powerful reptile. an undead conqueror's chosen vehicle of assault.
"Crawling Bones"
by Sergio Vila Isaza
"Circus of the Damned"
by Sergio Villa Isaza