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Metablades art samples
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Metablade Spells for Arcana Unearthed
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Feat Templates
October 3, 2003:
Feat Descriptors

Sample Art from Metablades

Since the images I provided for the first edition of Metablades did not find much favor, new, more professional artwork was commissioned for the Expanded Edition. The original edition is also being cleaned up and will receive this new artwork, and prior purchasers will have an opportunity to receive this update for free when it releases.

The samples below, which are only portions of the full illustrations, are taken out of marvelous pieces by Sergio "Obsidian" Isaza, whose portfolio is available at The Ministry of Abnormality.

a stalwart helper carries his frailer companion's mystic power into dangerous circumstances. a warrior wise in magical skills prepares for battle. a flamboyant sorcerer seeks retribution against a psionic commander.
"Substitution" "Adept" "Misunderstanding"