We’re Back!

Not that we were ever completely gone. Genjitsu is preparing to release some of its first material tailored to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and in preparation for that, we’re resurrecting the website and re-linking our old 3rd ed. publications, which have remained available on DriveThruRPG. More coming soon! We’re pretty excited for what we’ve got to show you!

Golems & Goldfish Web Enhancement

Most of the time we in the gaming industry take our monsters pretty seriously. After all, they form the foundation for a lot of your gameplay, and they need to fit that role, serving as tough combatants, challenging riddlers, adept betrayers, and occasionally unlikely heroes. We’ve already dedicated an entire book to the best monsters we could assemble.

Every now and then, though, the urge comes over us to get just a little bit…there’s no other word for it…silly. Still we like to hope that these efforts won’t go to waste. Without further ado, we present heaven’s mildest vengeance, the most comical bird in the nether realms, an entirely new use for a sheep, and the deadliest aquarium to be found in a mage’s tower.

A Flock of Foes Art Samples

Thanks to positive feedback regarding the illustration of Metablades, A Flock of Foes features some impressive images from promising and established fantasy artists Brad McDevitt, Melissa Cox and Sergio Villa Isaza.

The samples below are only portions of the full illustrations.

The book is available now on DriveThruRPG!

Metablades Art Samples

Since the images I provided for the first edition of Metablades did not find much favor, new, more professional artwork was commissioned for the Expanded Edition. The original edition is also being cleaned up and will receive this new artwork, and prior purchasers will have an opportunity to receive this update for free when it releases.

The samples below, which are only portions of the full illustrations, are taken out of marvelous pieces by Sergio “Obsidian” Isaza, whose portfolio is available at The Ministry of Abnormality.