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Saturday, 22 May 2010 14:38

Apologies to anyone who was unable to reach this website. Our previous server died and some time was required to determine that it was unrecoverable and transfer to to hosting and a new registrar.

I've been asked whether Genjitsu Games is still a going concern as an imprint. While I'm not willing to close the doors on it, the fact is that just at the moment I am very, very busy, and don't have a whole lot of time to devote to new development at the moment. I'm also uncertain what direction to go in in the aftermath of the release of 4th Edition, so if you have things you'd like to see Genjitsu release, please let me know!

However, at some point in the future you can probably expect to see:

  • A 4th-Edition update of Metablades, for those who are interested. It is after all our flagship book.
  • A Mob of Mayhem, another collection of 3rd-Edition d20 advanced monsters. The majority of the work on this was done a while ago and it mostly awaits art and assembly.
  • I'm ambivalent about trying to update my monster collections to 4E. The very different nature of templates in the new edition and the strict licensing restrictions on reprinting SRD material make these a lot less useful. Please let me know what you think!
  • A collection of psionic campaign ideas has been on the back burner for some time.